Join the Educational Studies Program for a discussion about different pathways to teaching on Wednesday October 26th, 2011,  from 6:30-8pm, in Terrace B and C, Mather Hall, at Trinity College.

Agenda: Each guest will be invited to speak for 3 minutes about his/her pathway into teaching and reflections on the experience:

6:30pm Welcome (by Professors Andrea Dyrness and Jack Dougherty)

6:40pm Laurie Gutmann Kahn ’03 (via Skype)

6:45pm Tracey Wilson ’77

6:50pm Heather Moore ’08 (via Skype)

6:55pm Beth McDonald ’87

7:00pm Jason Haber ’08 (via Skype)

7:05pm Maureen Kay Sigler ’99

7:10pm Jason Symmes ’09 (via Skype)

7:15pm Kate McEachern ’07

7:20pm Blake Fisher ’11 (via Skype)

7:25pm Jackie Kahan ’08 and Samantha Alcala ’11 (both posted comments, but cannot participate tonight)

7:35pm Begaeta Nukic ’11 (via Skype)

Closing and time for individual conversations

Trinity alumni — If you’ve taught in a preK-12 classroom, share your story about your pathway, and advice for those who wish to follow, in a three-minute talk in person OR via Skype at our event. Please RSVP by posting a comment below and tell us a bit about yourself (including your class year). Alumni who are attending in person will be invited to arrive at 6pm for a light meal.

Trinity students — If you’re curious about exploring different pathways to teaching with our alumni, please tell us more about your interests by posting a comment below</a> (and include your class year).