wifi crew Thank you Trinity IT network crew!

Today was a wonderful day. Students did good work in my two classes, my daughter baked a batch of chocolate cupcakes, and the sun was shining. But the extra special part of today that put the biggest smile on my face was the unexpected delivery of reliable wifi to my office, located in the third-floor corner of McCook Hall. Built in 1963, McCook exemplifies the “thick cinderblock” period of American architecture, designed to stand up to whatever bombs our Cold War enemies might have considered dropping on us. But this solid construction seems to interfere with twenty-first century wifi technology. Although the router was less than a hundred feet around the corner and down the hallway, the wifi signal in my office would connect, then drop, then connect, then drop again. I learned to live with an Ethernet cable adapter for my MacBook Air, but students who came to my office to work with me quickly became frustrated with the lack of reliable wifi. Until today! In response to my request to look into the problem, Trinity’s wonderful IT network crew showed up and installed a new router on my office ceiling. So come on over and share the bandwidth. There’s plenty to go around.

wifi arrives Welcome to my new officemate, the ceiling wifi router.