Wanted: Trinity students with bikes for short video, Sept 24th

Above: A different short video I recorded with the “Cycling, Sustainability & Hartford” First-Year Seminar. Not related to the event below, but still fun to watch.

The short version:

Wanted: Trinity students with bikes

What: Appear in a short video, on campus, with Professor Jack Dougherty

When: Saturday, September 24th, 2016 from 10 to 10:30am

Where: Vernon Street, near the Broad Street gate, Trinity College

Why: Eternal fame in a soon-to-be viral video, plus free cider and donuts

And if you’re curious, here’s the longer version: Trinity College has funded me to create a free online course, “Data Visualization for All,” to be distributed on the edX platform in February 2017. This course builds on a successful internship seminar where Trinity students co-create interactive charts and maps for the web, in partnership with Hartford community groups. When David Tatem and I brainstormed about how to communicate the course vision in a two-minute video, we dreamed up the idea a bicycle ride — my favorite mode of transportation — to tie together different scenes that we’re shooting with community partners around the City of Hartford. The final scene brings us back to the Trinity campus, specifically at the Broad Street gate on Vernon, where we need as many bike riders as possible to swarm in and shout out the closing line. So if you have two wheels — or can borrow some — come and join us!